Rush R40 Live DVD

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I'm very proud and honoured to have been a part of the Rush R40 Live DVD project. We recorded two shows at the ACC in Toronto in June and I mixed it over the summer in glorious 5.1 surround at my studio in Toronto. Loads of fun, and as always a great team of people to work with from the guys in the band through to the management, video production and mastering. These people are a great group to work with and I'm very happy with the results. I hope all my friends are as well. This is the first release from the project. Audio only at this point, but not long for the DVD. Be patient....Video soon to follow.



News May 2015

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So for reasons that will become obvious in a minute, I’ve been a bit behind on what I’ve been up to.  

The beginning of the new year was fascinating and as is often the case full of travel.  First off was Switzerland.  Land of Alps, chocolate and instrumental progressive music in the form of SONAR.  Introduced to me by my good old friend Markus Reuter of Stickmen and The Crimson ProjeKTc, maker of Touch Guitars and independent producer whom I have mixed for. The music is at once simple and complex, polyrhythms over melodies over thunderous bass and a drummer who can seem to split his own body in half to play in two or more different meters at once.  Such a great time watching, helping to record and mixing them.


Next was to Athens.  Always like going back to places steeped in history, and once again visiting the Acropolis was a treat. And the music was again fantastic.  Maplerun is the name of the band.

More of a true Alternative band with somewhat of a 90’s feel but with more modern twists.  The band an whole family surrounding them were so hospitable, I almost didn’t want to leave.  They want me back in the summer, not for recording, but for Greek Love!  Don’t know exactly what that means, but I’m considering…..

Back to Toronto to finish the mixing and then to other projects.  

Continuing on with Ménage in February, the band I have been working with here.  More writing and recording.  They threw a new song on me while we were in the studio, but as often happens, it ended up being one of the strongest and live it goes over a storm!

Then for the reason for the break.

I have been having some issues with my neck, a bit of arthritis, some nerve pinching, and muscle spasms.  I don’t know, something about hunching over guitars, keyboards and consoles for 30 years might have had something to do with it.  Anyway, surgery was recommended and scheduled for the end of February.  So schedule was cleared and courage was built up only to have a month long cancellation.  But eventually the pieces of spine were removed on the last day of March and I have been recovering ever since.  Pretty much back at it now (of course doing recalls of mixes, as you do) and not sitting at the desk for too long.  No residual problems as far as I can tell and I’ll be back at my other career of MMA in no time……

..just kidding!

News December 2014

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Finally, new Smashing Pumpkins album out today. 9 December 2014.  Monuments To An Elegy.  I never get over the good feeling of accomplishment when a project I have worked on gets released.  

But been busy since then of course.  The Lapko album mix is finished.  I mixed a few more songs for the Rush R40 10 DVD Box Set release that also just came out.  5.1 mixing is a lot of fun, but I do wish some sort of standard would be agreed upon as it’s frustrating mixing something not really knowing how the final listener will hear it.

Also been working with some more Canadian artists.  Mixed the new record for Jonas and the Massive Attraction, a great Montreal based band.  Sarah Slean asked me to help out on the mix of her new live release due out soon.  Of course I said yes.  I am perpetually in love with her voice and she writes music for true music aficionados.  

Just starting a new project for the last part of the year with a fantastic Toronto band Ménage.  Portuguese family band, two brothers, Fernando and Gabriel, formerly from Palmerston and their sister bELA from her successful solo career.  We should have some recorded this month and then more later in the new year.

Just about completed a mix for a fantastic progressive band from Chile.  SinSilencio is their name and they are pushing the boundaries for creativity in the rock world.  Album Mix should be done by the end of the year.